User Group Meeting: February 2020




Roundtable discussion topics

  • Managing Content in Canvas - Blueprint, Commons, Import/Export, Course Duplicate, Direct Share
  • 3rd Party App and LTIs for Vocational Education



  • Sarah - Status
  • Damian - MRWED
  • Kerri - VETNexus
  • Natacha and Aleisha - Tocal
  • Anneka - NCNZ
  • Casey - NCNZ
  • Zo - Aspire2 Intl.
  • Chris - Strawberry Solutions


Meeting Recording Link:

February 2020 User Group Recording Link


Meeting Minutes:

1) Managing Content in Canvas - Blueprint, Commons, Import/Export, Course Duplicate, Direct Share

  • Group use a variety of methods, particularly Commons and Course Copy

  • Ruth demoed NEW Direct share feature - it is awesome! This can be used to quickly transact content (Quizzes, Assignments, Pages, Discussions) between other users in your instance or between Courses you work in.

  • Kerri using Blueprints with several clients who are Blueprinting master versions and then segregate cohorts within these via Sections in the child courses - working very well!
  • NCNZ tried Blueprint's but was not appropriate for them. Two models, semester based and rolling intake. When updating consistently, found there wasn't enough granularity in deciding which child courses were updated in the sync. Now use a Master Course Copy (duplication method), and import/export modules which need updates.
  • Commons - hugely powerful, however need to be mindful that the owner is whoever put the Course to Commons, which can be a risk as they are the master of this content (i.e. if they leave the organisation, the content will stop be updated etc). Recommended to have a generic eLearning or admin account be the owner of these Courses.
  • Course Link Validator! If you haven't already used it, please do. This tool provides a list of all broken links or issues existing in the Course, and directs you to exactly where these are located so you can fix before releasing content to the learners.

Just incase you need them, here are some resources on these content management options:

2) LTI Tools in VET

  • Quizlet - Zo: Trialing this for quiz activities inside their English faculty. Using this to help bridge the gap for students who aren't getting a qualification. Some specialized functionality beyond what Canvas Quizzes do - very user friendly.
  • Kahoot - Kerri: Uses this ALOT in face to face training, and can be 
  • Padlet: Kerri - Notepad into a page that student can use to doodle and write cool things and drop in videos, content etc. Can have a free account! Integrated using external tool in Canvas.
  • H5P - Kerri: is a free version, worth logging in and trialling before purchasing a license which integrates with Canvas. Kerri has done a sensational webinar on using H5P in Canvas - check it out!
  • Accredible - Chris: Can do microcredentials, but has used this for non-accredited Courses to generate certificate (as opposed to certification coming from SMS).
  • Badgr - Chris: suggests that these badging pathways need to be industry validated. Some industries have their own recognised microcredentialing pathways - shaping these badges to align with how you can value add for your students i.e. skills demonstration moreso than unit completion etc.
  • Classroom: - Zo: Trialling this as a tool to better communication with teachers and students. Will be based on AI data eventually, but currently have a synchronous (FB messenger type) and asynchronous (bells and whistles version of Canvas discussions) which is very interesting and Aspire 2 are helping them build this out before it goes live to the wider market. Feel that sometimes the ways Canvas offer for communication are a bit old school, where as tools like this
  • Google LTI - Chris: Using Google slides to present inside Canvas to enhance practical facilitation instead of using PowerPoint on local computers. Can also use other tools from the Google suite. Help keep content consistent across organisation 
  • DropThought, UniCheck, Turnitin, Youtube/Vimeo and others will be discussed next time!

Action Items:

  1. Please respond to User Group Meet-up Poll