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Printing an Assessment

Printing an Assessment

This article describes how to print an existing assessment. You may choose print assessments as referential test booklets for your students (if the assessment is being administered via pencil/paper) or for any other purposes.

Step 1: Locate the Assessment

To locate the assessment from the main dashboard:

From the Assessment menu, choose Classroom or Benchmarks. The Search for Assessments page appears and the following filters are available:

Set the filters:

  • School Year 
  • Type 
  • Subject
  • Core/Standards Group (optional)
  • Title (optional)

Click Search.

All assessments with that search criteria appear at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Filter by Author (optional)

Choose the author of the assessment from the drop-down to narrow the list of matching assessments.

Step 3: Click the Print icon

To print the assessment:

Click the Print Assessment icon, located to the right of the assessment.

The Print Assessment page opens in a new browser tab.

Unsupported Item Types: A message alerts you if there are any items on the assessment that are not designed to be printed for paper and pencil testing, such as technology-enhanced items (TEIs). You may proceed to print the assessment, or you may want to edit the assessment and remove TEIs. You can also de-select the option "Label Answer Choices" and proceed to print.

Step 4: Select Print Options

In the "Print Options" section, you may de-select "Label Answer Choices" if you prefer to see bubbles next to the answer choices for Multiple Choice (Standard or Multiple Response) and True or False items. You may also choose a larger font size if you prefer.

Note: For items that are Multiple Choice-Block Layout or Choice Matrix-Labels the system automatically generates Blocked Answer Choice Labels whose format is inconsistent with labels for answer choices of Multiple Choice (Standard or Multiple Response) or True or False items.

Step 5: Click Print

Click Print to bring up your printer's dialog box, which may display a preview and additional print options. Proceed to print as you normally print to your printer. 

Tip: To see where page breaks will fall on the printed assessment, click Print and look at the preview displayed in your printer's print control dialog. 

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