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Recent Announcements

Recent Announcements

Listed below are recent announcements about new features and other changes made to enCASE.


Make Student Data More Actionable by Setting Cut Points in Assessment Analytics

Did you know that you can define cut points and performance levels for the Assessment Analytics Reports? Teachers and School Administrators can set the cut points for their classroom assessments. District Test Coordinators (DTCs) can set the cut points for benchmark assessments.

Beginning on Tuesday, October 5th, the cut point information for newly administered CASE Benchmark Assessments will be available to DTCs in ShareFile. We encourage all DTCs to use this information to set the cut points for their district assessments in enCASE, allowing for more meaningful and useful data.

Learn more in the product blog post about cut points.


Subgroup Reporting Now Available!

To gain deeper insights into student performance on classroom formative and CASE Benchmark assessments, you can now report by demographic subgroup on the following reports:

Subgroups include ELL status, IEP status, gender, Hispanic ethnicity, and race.

Learn more about adding subgroups to reports by watching the video on demographic subgroup reporting.


New in enCASE: Report by Classroom/Section

You can now view assessment data by classroom/section in the Assessment Analytics Reports! After administering an assessment, educators can analyze student, standard, and item data by individual class or section to make targeted adjustments to classroom instruction. To learn more, check out the enCASE Release Notes in the Instructure Community.


New School Year Now Available in Reporting

enCASE has rolled over to the 2021-2022 school year. To view data from last year in Assessment Analytics, make sure to set the school year filter to 2020-2021. Please contact the help desk with any questions.


New Help Location

The icon for Training/Help (the question mark) now brings you to the enCASE documentation guides in the Instructure Community.

To log a support ticket or track one, click the enCASE Support Portal button under "Browse Other enCASE Resources" on the documentation page.


Report Exports

You can now export the following Assessment Analytic reports to a formatted Excel spreadsheet and saved as a PDF:

  • Standard Summary Report
  • Student Response Report
  • Student Performance Report
  • By Item Report
  • Item Detail Report
  • By Standard Report
  • Performance Levels Report

Updates to the Student Response Report

The Student Response Report now includes hyperlinks to each item in the Item Detail Report so you can review individual item content while analyzing student results.


Benchmark Assessment Timer

Now, educators can optionally enable an assessment timer for students taking CASE Benchmark Assessments. When scheduling a CASE Benchmark, the District Test Coordinator (DTC) can set a test duration. During a test, a DTC, STC, or teacher may extend the time using Real-Time Proctoring. When the timer runs out, students are prompted to submit their tests.

Individual students may be marked exempt from timed tests in their student user accounts. Refer to Exempting Students from Administration Requirements for details.

Dashboard View Updated

Now you can filter the list of assessments showing on the enCASE dashboard in the "Assessment Summary" section. You can view all assessments scheduled this school year or choose to display only those with a scheduled start date in the past 30, 60, or 90 days.

Testing Status Update

Elapsed testing time has been added to the Assessment Status tab on the Testing Status page. Use this additional information to track and analyze the time it takes for students to complete assigned assessments and coach students about how they manage their time when taking a test. 


Updates to Student Response and Student Performance Reports

Student responses are now displayed on the Student Response and Student Performance reports for multiple choice, multiple response, and true/false questions. A point total is displayed for constructed response and technology-enhanced items.

Report Exports

You can now export the following reports to a formatted Excel Spreadsheet, or save them as a PDF:


Dashboard Performance Improvements

When logging into enCASE, District and School Test Coordinators will notice that the Dashboard loads faster when scheduling and managing assessments.

Updated Benchmark Scheduling Permissions

Benchmark scheduling permissions have been updated to allow only District and School Test Coordinators to schedule benchmarks. Teachers may view their benchmark schedules but cannot make changes. Read more about scheduling Benchmark assessments.

Identify Items Previously Used on Classroom Assessments

When creating a classroom assessment, enCASE will now flag items that have been included on other classroom assessments. Test authors can click on the icon and explore related assessments before adding the item to a new test. Read more about creating classroom assessments.


Secure Testing for Classroom Assessments

Educators can now enable enCASE Kiosk for classroom assessments to deter digital cheating by locking down the test window and preventing students from using other applications while taking an assessment. Read more about getting started with enCASE Kiosk.

Testing Experience – Display Correct Answers at End of Assessment

You can now allow students to view each assessment item, their responses, and the correct answers after submitting a classroom assessment. Read more about displaying student results and correct answers.

Editing/Saving an Assessment

When editing an assessment that has been administered or has an open test window, you may not save changes to it. However, you are notified of this on the Edit Assessment page and directed to create a copy. (Contact if you need to save changes to an assessment that has been administered or has an open test window.) 

Testing Experience - Assessment Timer

When scheduling classroom assessments, teachers can now add a timer and set a test duration. Read more.

Testing Experience - Student Results Page

When scheduling classroom assessments, teachers can now allow students to see a Student Results Page that displays their scores and which items they answered correctly and incorrectly. Read more.

Testing Experience - Masking, Flagging, and Calculator Changes

While taking a CASE Benchmark or classroom assessment, students will now be able to mask answer choices, flag items to review later and more easily access calculators. Read more.

Assessment Sections and Desmos Calculators Now Available

You can now add sections to classroom assessments and designate specific calculators for each assessment section. Read more.

The 4F and scientific calculators are now the default enCASE calculators and can be added to classroom formative assessments. Desmos calculators will be integrated into CASE Benchmark assessments later in the 2020-21 school year. Districts interested in using the Desmos graphing calculator should contact their Sales Executive for additional information.

Retaking or Reopening an Assessment

You can now reopen assessments or mark them for a retake. Retaking an assessment clears all student answers and allows the student to begin the assessment again. Reopening an assessment allows the student to take the assessment again, with their previous answers populated. If the assessment contains multiple sections, clicking Reopen reopens the assessment to the last section completed by the student. Read more.


Secure Testing Experience

enCASE Kiosk for PC, Mac and Chromebook is available for secure benchmark testing. Read more.

Student Location Question

Do you want to track the number of students taking the CASE Benchmarks in school and at home? Click here for more information.


Text-to-Speech is now available. Click here for additional information and setup instructions.

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