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Canvas Community App?

Hello, I am a student at Independence University and came up with the idea of a Canvas Community App and wanted to get some opinions. Seeing what everyone's thoughts would be about it? It would be n...




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My name is Colten Grothe, 26 years old & I come from a small town in Arkansas called Russellville. A typical day in my life: Well, there's not much to it honestly; Just a College Student. I don't work due to an illness that keeps me too weak, but I am in the process of trying to get better so I can move forward. Which is why I am here with IU. I study nearly throughout the day, sometimes I play Video Games and sometimes I sit at my desk and think of creative ideas. Although I may be in quite a predicament, my passion is to succeed in any way I can. I've always wished I were able to just afford a nice camera and go explore, write articles as a Freelancer, or become a Developer of any sort. This is just who I am. I have an amazing life and an unforgettable memory of my past. To me, 'Music. Is. Art.' It gets me through my rough patches with anxiety. I am covered in tattoos because, WHY NOT WEAR ART? I listen to metal, not out of anger but because I just get it. I understand it. But I like all sorts of genres. If you like to game or just have a simple conversation then have at it. Come talk to me. I am an open book.
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