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Missing Badges, Points, and Levels

I noticed earlier this week that I am back to level 0 with no points in the Canvas Community. It doesn't really bother me, but it does undercut me saying to my institution that I am a member of the C...




Anchor Tags explained by a language teacher.

In the endless quest to declutter my Canvas course sites and eliminate unnecessary "call-outs" to separate pages I've been playing with HTML, specifically Anchor Tags. For the unaware, Anchor Tags...




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My full bio starts below, but I've really enjoyed being a part of the Canvas community. However, I'm finding that the new quicker page load times in the Khoros community do not make up for the loss of information in the transition and the lack of organization or intuitive design. I'm all for better graphic design and ease on the eyes, but total loss of ease in navigation defeats the purpose. You may see far less of me in the community because I do not have time right now to find everything all over again. I've been teaching since graduating from Duke back in 1989 with an A.B. in Classics and got started with using LMS's in 2002 (while finishing my Ph.D. at Emory) with the now defunct AllLearn (Alliance for Lifelong Learning, a joint venture of Oxford, Stanford, and Yale Universities). I often smile fondly when people complain about how bad their particular LMS is because they didn't see some of the early ones and have fun with supporting faculty remotely around the world while they labored with "Promethean" issues (and if you know about old LMS's, you'll get that reference!).
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