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Embedding an Uploaded HTML page in an iFrame

Challenge Previously, I was attempting to help terryscc‌ with an issue related to iframe content not rendering properly in Canvas and the Canvas mobile app. To see our initial discourse, checkout&nb...




Embed an interactive 360° image in the Rich Content Editor

A New Perspective You no doubt have probably been on Google maps or Facebook, or another website, and found an interactive image, that allows you to look around in 360°. While exploring the con...




Enhancing the UI/UX of Document Feedback and Viewing with JS & CSS

The Challenge Some of the students at our institution completely overlook the View Feedback link that appears when they are viewing a previously submitted assignment upload. Many simply click o...




Verifying Mobile Friendly Web Content

We've all been there. You find the perfect website that has content that you would love to share in your Canvas course, only to find, after the fact, that the content doesn't scale appropriately or d...




Dynamic Home Page Content Based on Date

The home pages are a critical part of any course as they offer students guidance on where to begin when they first log in to a course. For many of our faculty, these pages serve a very specific ...




Embedding a YouTube Player with Responsive Aspect Ratio

The Challenge Canvas does a pretty good job of handling responsive design via the Rich Content Editor, but, if there is one thing that I have found I am not the biggest fan of, it is the video thumb...




Universal Student View Button for Teachers

The Challenge While the Student View button is easily found under the Settings panel of the course navigation menu, many of the instructors at my institution still would prefer for it to be acc...




Browser Detection and Information Container

The Challenge This initiative was brought about due to the fact that many of our students, and some of our instructors, have erroneously logged in to Canvas in an incompatible browser. While many re...




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I'm a Texan, born and raised, though I spent all of my years in college and graduate school in the northeast. I attended MIT, where I obtained a BS in Biology, and then received a MS in Cell and Molecular Biology from UPenn. After leaving the northeast, I moved back to the Dallas area to be a bit closer to my family, and landed a job at Collin College. Initially, I was lab staff, and prepped and taught biology labs. I recognized early on in during my tenure that students across our campuses needed a consistent lab experience. To address this, I set to work filming video lectures and reviews and posting them to YouTube. The problem then was disseminating the information to students, and not just those in my classes. To develop a central repository of these videos, and other content, I taught myself to code in HTML and CSS. Over the last eight years, I have worked to better my understanding of web and graphic design. Along the way, I have picked up additional skills that have helped me to achieve this. Now, as I work on new strategic initiatives and projects, I do so with very distinct objectives: create functional, student facing assets, AND, ensure that those assets are clean, concise and well designed.
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