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Paying Teachers to Create Learning Materials?

Recently our district visited another school district who paid a group of teachers to create lesson materials and another group of teachers and administration to review and approve created materials....




Canvas in the Non 1:1 Elementary Classroom

Currently our district has seen great success with Canvas in our 1:1 classrooms (Grades 5-12 and a few K-4 pilot classrooms). We have been working on roll-out with our non 1:1 classrooms but it has n...




Would You Rather... Have Lesson Templates Provided For You or Create Your Own?

As a district instructional technology coach I have had several teachers ask for course / lesson templates to work off of. Sometimes the idea around "designing" a lesson page or structuring an entire...




Canvas in Elementary School? Yes, You Can!

​ ​ ​ ​ Tap/click map to enlarge Courtney Cohron​ Noblesville - K12 What does Canvas in the elementary classroom look like anyway? Kumbayawesome of course! Come explore ...




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I am currently in my 5th year at Noblesville Schools in Noblesville, Indiana. The last three years I have spent working with staff and students as our district Elementary Instructional Technology Coach. During that time I have been responsible for providing professional development for our 7 elementary buildings! What makes this position and experience so exciting is that each year looks different as the needs of our staff change. My first year was spent mainly providing professional development on the 1 iPad classroom. This transitioned into teaching and learning with a small group of iPads and educating staff about the new shifts in curriculum, instruction and assessment. In the more recent years I have worked really closely with our district 1:1 elementary classrooms, building level Instructional Coaches and Media Specialists. This year my job title has changed as we begin to look at how to best support our administration and support staff along with the ways to continue to develop, build and implement online curriculum and resources. My new title this year is Curriculum Integration Coordinator.
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