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Attendance option

I can't seems to find my Attendance option. Is there a setting from the admin part that needed to be done? For roll call? Thank you.     




Cannot find enable QR code

Have been searching everything in the admin panel. Settings, Feature preview...etc. Nothing suggest to turn on QR code. 




Important Dates

Few subject teachers have given assignment and quizzes, appearing in schedule but on appearing at the right side bar. Is there any setting needed to be done? 




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Everything web since they day I started my career. Creating website from Notepad to Visualize web builder. From counting pixel to dynamic proportion for web and mobile. Everything robotics from javascript to Python. Love fusing the old fashion hand crafted games and fuse it with tech stuff - drone, microbit, Lego, 3D printer and other whacky stuff. Education reform - teachers from front of classroom to being a mentor, facilitator and flipping classroom creatively. Love football (soccer), chess and the classical guitar (and a lil' rock n roll). Supports the education work for Myanmar refugees and a certified Scrum Master. Now gotta be Agile. :)
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