Bill Gibson

I would like more control of the Admin Menu.

Discussion created by Bill Gibson on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by Trina Adams


I would like to be able to list courses by their "SIS ID".  This is something that our faculty cannot change.  They can change the course "Name" and that can lead to a useless, confused, out of sequence list.  I had some faculty rename their courses starting with numbers and/or the day of the week it is taught.  In the example above, Chemistry courses go to the top of the list just because of the numbers the instructor re-assigned to the course name.  *I hope they don't realize that they could use special characters like the tilde ~ to become even more prominent than numbers.


And, as I've suggested elsewhere, when I click on the Admin link on the left and the Admin Menu slides out with  just the "Account Title" link and the "All Accounts" link, there is a ton of wasted white space in which all the management items on the far right (e.g. Course Filtering,..Find a Course,... Open Theme Editor... Add a New Course, etc.) could be added.  *Think about the ergonomics.  Less wasted motion.  I click on Admin, the menu slides out, and I don't have to drag my mouse across the page to get to the actual functions I am going to use.  It's like a "heads up" display, but instead of in a fighter jet, its a slick LMS Admin interface;-)