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Course default view from api?

Discussion created by Robert Carroll Champion on Jul 29, 2016
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I have created a API script (with the generous help of Hack Night) that copies content (2 wiki pages) and a folder of images from a template course into 250 courses (updates with sequential execution). The course shells are already created. Using the API I can set the front page etc, everything works great. Then discovered I cannot set the default view of the course through the API. The course object has 'default_view', but there is no way to change this. I want to set this to 'wiki', so that the course uses the wiki front page as the course home.


//the type of page that users will see when they first visit the course - 'feed':
//Recent Activity Dashboard - 'wiki': Wiki Front Page - 'modules': Course
//Modules/Sections Page - 'assignments': Course Assignments List - 'syllabus':
//Course Syllabus Page other types may be added in the future
"default_view": "feed",


Has anyone found a workaround?