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Is there a way to view results from all rubrics in a class at once?

Question asked by Phillip M Bitzer on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2018 by Jupe Hale

I've been using rubrics to be able to grade each problem on a homework separately. Seems to work fine, and I get a total grade pretty easily.


I'd like to now see the results for each problem on a homework. This way, I can see if certain problems need to be modified, based on the grades.


I can view the rubric for one student, but is there a way to see the results for all the rubrics for a single assignment at once. Essentially, I would to see something like this:


NameRubric Entry 1Rubric Entry 2....
Student 1score Student 1, rubric entry 1score Student 1, rubric entry 2...
Student 2score Student 2, rubric entry 1score Student 2, rubric entry 2...

Perhaps there's an export option I'm missing?