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Working with Turnitin API not LTI

Question asked by Joel Mills on Apr 23, 2015
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We are testing out the Turnitin API integration with Canvas rather than the LTI integration to protect students from Turnitin downtime at peak periods.


  1. I have configured the Turnitin API integration in Canvas Settings and Canvas says that it is talking correctly to Turnitin and the settings are confirmed. OK.. working...
  2. I create an assignment in Canvas and select the turnitin option. OK.. Working
  3. A student login (test login) submits to the assignment and gets a receipt OK... Working...
  4. Instructor logs in and goes to speedgrader and looks for the originality report... Turnitin icon is the little clock... Report pending from Turnitin... Never comes back to Canvas.


Upon investigation on the Turnitin side (I am the Turnitin Administrator for the university)

I log in to the account that is linked (successfully in step 1 above) and The student submission in step 3 above, has not generated a class or an assignment in Turnitin and therefore Turnitin is not producing a report...


Why is this happening?


In our previous installation of Turnitin via an API, the student submission generates the appropriate class, student account and assignment in Turnitin.


Any ideas welcome please?