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Changing limit on the number of custom columns shown by the GUI

Question asked by Gerald Q. Maguire on Jan 27, 2017
Latest reply on May 27, 2017 by Gerald Q. Maguire

There appears to be a limit to the number of custom columns that can be shown in the gradebook. I have created a set of custom columns to be used to keep administrative information about thesis projects, but only the first 10 are showing up in the gradebook via the GUI. However, the rest are there as can be confirmed via the API. Is it possible to change this limit?


The custom columns are:

[{'position': 1, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 21, 'title': 'Course_code', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 2, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 19, 'title': 'Examiner', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 3, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 20, 'title': 'Supervisor', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 4, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 22, 'title': 'Planned_start_date', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 5, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 23, 'title': 'Tenative_title', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 6, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 24, 'title': 'KTH_unit', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 7, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 25, 'title': 'Company', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 8, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 26, 'title': 'Outside_Sweden', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 9, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 27, 'title': 'Other_university', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 10, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 28, 'title': 'External_Contact', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 11, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 29, 'title': 'GA_Approval', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 12, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 30, 'title': 'Ladok_Registration_start', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 13, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 31, 'title': 'Ladok_Registration_Final', 'hidden': False}, {'position': 14, 'teacher_notes': False, 'id': 32, 'title': 'DiVA_URN', 'hidden': False}]

Resulting gradebook with only the first 10 custom columns being shown

Note that there will be other columns for assignments, but this is the basic information that needs to be kept track of - without it being visible to the student or other students in the same course.