Scott Vigallon

VeriCite: Submitting papers for students

Discussion created by Scott Vigallon on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2017 by Victoria Austin


We paid for the VeriCite native integration that the OEI negotiated. However, that integration does not allow instructors to submit papers on behalf of students. The VeriCite LTI integration allows this ability, but I fear that giving our instructors access to both will cause confusion when creating assignments. 


Describe your idea

I would like to see VeriCite's native integration give instructors the ability to submit papers on behalf of students because situations occur that warrant such a need. In discussing the issue with VeriCite, I was told that Canvas would have to make this happen.


How will this idea benefit CCC users?

Since VeriCite was chosen by the OEI, I'm assuming a number of CCCs are (or will be) using it. This function would allow instructors more ways to check for plagiarism.