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How do you share and collaborate?

Discussion created by Josh Frielich on Jun 13, 2017
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I am designing a PLC (Professional Learning Community) Shared resources, Pacing Guides, ETC. for the departments. Any suggestions on what works, what doesn't work? What is the best way to share these?


I know I can do it in groups, Commons, courses...


I have begun creating our shared resources using Courses, using some groups, and sharing out the courses via commons:

  1. County Course - all teachers will be enrolled as students. This will be a place to post county wide resources. All indented "courses" bellow will be linked on the parent page, as well as on the county course. Option 1: I may allow educators (I will be calling our teachers educators to avoid confusion with the Canvas course "Teacher") to self-enroll in the linked courses. Option 2: - I may end up alternatively having each "Teacher" (in this case the facilitator of each course such as the department chair, principal, etc) enroll the related department. If content needs to be kept secure (because we are sharing content as an educator resource) we don't want to leave those courses 'public'. So I will still link all the courses to the homepage, but I will have a Google Form for educators to select which resource-course they want to be enrolled in. I'll probably have it say please fill out the form before Friday, you'll be enrolled in the resource courses you select by Monday. Then after I enroll all educators as students that weekend I will remove the form from, and replace it with 'If you would like to enroll in the course please email/call me (replacing me with the contacts for each course listed and have the 'Teacher' for each resource course in charge of enrolling everyone once the structure has been built).
    1. Grade Levels - (I'm not sure if it is necessary to have a course for Elementary, Middle, and High. But we may list them here.
      1. School - Each school will have their own course and each PD will be its own module. All educators will be enrolled as 'students'. I'll have discussions for teachers to share what they are strong in and want to offer a pd on as well as what teachers need help with. I think I'll make the educators who are presenting often into a 'Designer' role. (I don't want to have multiple 'Teachers' that aren't principals so that other resources aren't accidentally deleted.) I would suggest teachers develop PD/modules in a sandbox then share through Commons, which would allow us to update content, or the Admin in charge would import the content from the sandbox to the school course and facilitate in that manor.
        1. Subject area - As I am going through and thinking about workflow from the top-down I think I may eliminate broad 'courses' if they aren't going to be referenced or used. The goal is consolidating information, not complicating access. So looking at this right now, I would make the majority of subject areas pages. For example "Elementary Mathematics" (what I am currently building) should be a page with links to courses "Kindergarten Mathematics" through "Fifth Grade Mathematics". Visual Arts should be a course, possibly with "Groups" for the grade-level.
          1. Grade-Subject/Topic Area - For example "Fourth Grade Mathematics" or "Civics and Economics". These will contain the full course, passing guides, teacher resources, lesson plans, resources. As well as allow for PD.


I have been focusing the majority of my Canvas time to creating the "Elementary Math Resource" where each grade has a course with well everything the teacher needs.


In the upper level (High School but eventually middle school), The courses will be published to the local commons to the respective group. Basically if we have a new educator they can pull an entire course from the commons, making sure they don't publish any teacher only resources. If teachers see a module, page, quiz, or assignment they want to bring into a course with content they are making mostly themselves, they could import just selected material from the commons.


If anyone has tried anything like this, please share what worked and what you would improve. I am excited to see how our county will grow with this and use Canvas to fully engage all students and staff, creating a fully collaborative blended learning and teaching environment. 


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