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Discussion created by Bobby Pedersen Champion on Aug 23, 2017
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I am a believer in digital technologies being powerful tools to help augment and transform our teaching practices. I think they are a fundamental part of our everyday lives. More importantly, they are a fundamental part of the everyday lives of our learners, and increasingly so every day.


Additionally, I think that digital technologies really do have the power to transform how we teach and enable us to create far more enriching lessons. They can involve captivating learners, and the broader school community far more in the learning experience. 


The tricky part is communicating this. Digital Learning + Canvas + SAMR Checklists has some great ideas for keeping track of where things are at, thanks Adam.


I'm interested in the conversation starters you have all had.  How have you engaged teachers, parents and students with the purpose of using digital technologies, and Canvas in particular?


Kelley and Laura and Kona and Stefanie , Sean and Mike  and Ryan and Leslie

and others in the community, with your vast experience can you remember how you started these conversations? People from K-12 I'm very keen to hear what you have to share.


engage k-12 faculty and staff engagement