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Granular Permissions Designs

Discussion created by Renee Carney Administrator on Nov 7, 2017
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Greetings lovers (or loathers) of Permissions!


We're excited to have you take a look at our designs and provide us with some feedback.  


For this exercise we ask that you don't look at every specific permission breakdown (because they will change), but instead focus on the shared goal to "simplify and clarify the UI".  Here's a few questions to get you thinking down that path:

  • Is the User Interface (UI) clear?
  • Are the interaction points on the UI intuitive?
  • Is there a nice balance between simple and robust?


Let's get rolling!


  1. Open the designsThey may take a few minutes to load.  The best user experience will be on a computer, and not a mobile device.
  2. Use your arrow keys to move right to advance (or left to move back) through the designs.
    • screens 1-5 show the workflow for selecting more granular permissions
    • 6-11 demonstrate the workflow for interacting with a single user role
    • 12-18 present a filtering workflow
    • 19-21 demonstrate the workflow of interacting with a single permission
    • 22-28 present a workflow for creating a new role based off of another
  3. View this 20 second video that shows how scrolling will react (we can't simulate scrolling in the Invision screens you will be looking at).
  4. Take notes on the interaction points and workflows that you see (not the specific permissions and how they are broken down), then return to this discussion to post your feedback!