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How to Create a Course Index Where Students can Join Courses

Discussion created by Eliyahu Mitterhoff on Jan 2, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Joel (Inactive) Brown

Here is how to create a course index where students can join courses:


  1. Go into  “Admin” “Settings” then “Featured Options” and turn on “Public Course Index.
  2. In the course settings make sure you have checked  “Include this course in the public course index”
  3. Click on “more options” on the course settings page and check both:

a. “Let students self-enroll by sharing with them a secret URL or code” and

b. “Add a "Join this Course" link to the course home page”

  1. You will now have a course index at yoursite.com/search/all_courses where students will be able to view and join courses
  2. On the course settings page if you set “Visibility” to “Institution” students will be able to see the entire course but if it set to “Visibility” to “Course” they will need to join the course before they view it.