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Get Same "Current Term" as API Using SQL To Canvas Data

Question asked by Brett Sheeran on Apr 29, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2018 by Sam McKnight

I'm currently attempting to port some in-house code from using the the API to Canvas Data SQL queries.


My problem if finding the the same "current term" as determined in API an using SQL query.


If I use this query,
select * from enrollment_term_dim;


I can see that for today, (2014-04-30) the current term ID is 32760000000000050.


However, when I run the following query to find a user's courses, I get 0 results.


select, c.canvas_id,, c.code, c.start_at, c.conclude_at, c.workflow_state from enrollment_dim e join course_dim c where e.user_id = 174440267134376236 and e.workflow_state = 'active' and e.course_id = and c.enrollment_term_id = 32760000000000050;


Whereas, if I run the same query for the previous term of 32760000000000049 (which finished 2018-04-13) I see the same courses as returned thru the API request like this:




All I want to do is be consistent with the API


Any suggestions?






Brett S