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UCF Quiz Extensions LTI now Open Source

Discussion created by CDL John R on May 17, 2018
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Hello Everyone,


I’m proud to announce that UCF’s Quiz Extensions LTI for Canvas is now open source under the MIT license. This tool provides an easy, central interface for applying extra time to all quizzes at once.  Quiz Extensions will also remember the student, the amount of extra time, and the quizzes the extension was applied to. If a quiz/test is added in Week 13, the instructor goes back to Quiz Extensions and just applies to the new quiz.


The time is percentage based. The default is time and a half (150%). There are 100%, 200%, 300% and 400% along with a custom amount of time.


Here is a demo: (no audio)

Attached is text description of the demo.


The software is available on Github: . As of today, Quiz Extensions does not work with Quizzes.Next


I’m happy to answer any functionality and facilitate technical questions to our developer.