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Ways to retrieve a list of course objects based on a given criteria.

Question asked by Rebecca Kadushin on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2015 by Rebecca Kadushin

I have been attempting to retrieve a list of courses based on a set of a course names via the api method,

GET /api/v1/search/all_courses

This method consistently resulted in an error and thus I reached out to Canvas support and they confirmed that indeed there is a bug and as of yet they do not have a timeline for a fix (see ticket #1564367).


Currently we a creating/provisioning courses by uploading a flat-file to the sis import endpoint. This method leaves our system with no knowledge of the Canvas' assigned course id for the created/provisioned courses. In order to update a course attributes in retrospect via the api method, update a course, one needs to know the course's Canvas assigned course id. Since I cant retrieve the Canvas course objects and thus obtain the Canvas course id via the api method, search/all_courses, due to the aforementioned bug I would like to know if there is another api method call or other automated way to retrieve Canvas course objects/ids based on a course name in a programmatic fashion?


Thank you for any suggestions and or help