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Quiz Submissions API: are inactive enrollments (no longer) included?

Question asked by on May 28, 2019
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Many months ago I started a project to extract quiz results by question and by student. I am quite confident I got a Postman collection working that gave me all the quiz submission events for a particular quiz in a particular course.

There would be quite a bit of work to determine if the event was the final selection a student made for a question and related minutiae, but it seemed this was the way to go.

Then I got sidetracked and just now returned to the project. The API call I had before (GET request URL below) returns a status code of 200, but no submissions are included at all. The UI shows submissions for that quiz in that course, though they all belong to now inactive enrollments.

Is there perhaps a query string parameter I am overlooking to include results from inactive enrollments?

My GET request:{{CourseID}}/quizzes/{{QuizID}}/submissions?include=submission 

JSON response:

"quiz_submissions": [],
"submissions": [],
"meta": {
"primaryCollection": "quiz_submissions"