Jerad Watson

(NEW) Rich Content Editor Enhancements

Discussion created by Jerad Watson Champion on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by Gordon Toudt

I can't seem to find anything about the new rich content editor so I just wanted to share a few major changes that we plan on letting our faculty and staff know before it goes live. Does anyone see other pertinent changes that need to be communicated?

  • All the items that use to be on the right hand of the screen have been split into the different icons listed below
    • Course Links (A)
    • Course Images (B)
    • Course Media (C)
  • All external tools (Kaltura, NBC Learn, etc)  have moved from the Blue V to the Plug-in (D) icon at the top right
  • The Accessibility Checker (E) and HTML/Text Editor (F) Toggle has moved to the bottom right.

***I have attached a screenshot as a file just in case the image below doesn't show.