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How do I batch import course content across multiple courses?

Question asked by Nhuan Pham on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by Alexandre Schneider

I am currently running a project and I am required to create development shells for staff (aka sandboxes) and I need to import course content from the latest delivery into these shells.


I want to do this in bulk and not have to go into every course and import course content individually as this can be very time consuming.

So for example staff have requested 2 development shells, for this example let's call it ABCD1234 and EFGH5678. I create the two development shells and I call them ABCD1234DEV and EFGH5678DEV. I now want to import course content from ABCD1234 into ABCD1234DEV and the same for the other course. How do I do this in bulk? I can create courses in bulk through sis import but can I copy content from one shell into another in bulk? And if so, then how?

Staff at times are requesting to have up to 20 shells created and the course content from the last delivery copied into them. At scale I cannot do this importing manually.


Any help would be appreciated.