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New Gradebook Grade Post Policy Hide Grade Issues/Questions

Question asked by Cynthia Padavano on Sep 6, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2019 by Raymond MacNeil

Hi Canvas Community,


I wonder if any of you have answers or experience the following. I have been working with instructors (I am an instructional designer) trying to guide them on how to best use the Grade Post Policy, but a lot of functionalities have been confusing. These are the three I have so far, more to come as I get feedback from the instructor.


Question #1: What triggers that eye to turn orange suddenly? 

When in "Manually Post Grades" for the entire gradebook, I have noticed that some grade columns with no grades in them will turn orange instantly when I start entering scores in the gradebook or SpeedGrader, but not all of them will. I noticed an individual submission assignment or discussion changed, but not all individual ones did, nor did group assignment/discussions to my experience. 



Question #2: Why does a score need to exist in a column before "Hide Grades" is available?

When in automatic or manually post grade mode either on the gradebook or for individual assignments, the option is usually grayed out until a score is actually there. There have been little instances where I could hide a column with no score, but otherwise the option is not there until I have a grade in it (see screenshots).


(1a) Image - no grades, on manually post grades(1b) Image - "No grades to hide" present on manually post grades when no grade is present(2a) Image - Grade displayed on manually post grades(2b) Image - "Hide Grades" present on manually post grades when grade is present


(3a) Image - no grades, on automatically post grades(3b) Image - "No grades to hide" present on automatically post grades(4a) Image - Grade displayed on automatically post grades4b) Image - "Hide Grades" present on automatically post grades



Question #3: Why does Test Student not trigger "Hide Grades"

Anytime I put a grade into the Test Student, nothing shows up in the column's menu tab (see screenshots).


(1a) Image - Grade displayed on Test Student for manually post grades(1b) Image - "No grades to hide" present on manually post grades when grade is present for Test Student



(2a) Image - Grade displayed on Test Student for automatically post grades(2b) Image - Grade displayed on Test Student for automatically post grades