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Names and Roles Provisioning user_id

Question asked by William Diehl on Sep 6, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by William Diehl


We're trying to develop a v1.3 LTI tool that utilizes the Names and Roles Provisioning Service. When we query the api URL, the result we get for user_id does not seem to be as expected...


We're getting a format like this: 6f9ee147-ed91-418e-aa38-0b3749c68e4b

But we're expecting a format like this: f30b6507e1ea6cc02a917ae9887e4f59197c428f


The above two IDs are from the same user - the first example is returned by the Names and Roles Provisioning Service when querying the roster and the second is the value used by a third party that received it during the v1.1 launch of their LTI tool.


In my mind, the unique user_id value for LTI purposes should be the same in all cases, regardless of whether it's retrieved from Names and Roles or if it's received during an LTI 1.1 launch...


Anyone else facing this issue?