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Build a Group Assignment with essay and multiple choice questions

Discussion created by Janet Samuels on Nov 6, 2019
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I teach an accounting course where groups of students do financial statement analysis. The group is supposed to then answer questions about the assignment.  Some of the questions will be multiple choice (e.g. a question about the trends they are seeing or who performed best).  I would want these automatically graded.  Some of the questions will be essay questions where they do a deeper analysis of the financial ratios.


I am struggling to figure out how to set this up. I don't want them to submit a word document as it would be too long and I would need to go through and grade it "off line" --- given the number of students I have, I want the multiple choice graded automatically and I want the ability to quickly go through and assign points to each of the 8 parts of the essay analysis.  However, if I set this up as a quiz, I can't figure out how to assign it to a group.  Given the large number of students I have, I do not have the time to review answers from each student --- I want the answers from the group.


Any suggestions?  is there an "non-Canvas" tool I could use if Canvas cannot accommodate this?