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How are people using the Outcome Results by student report?

Question asked by Kathryn Ann Dougery on Nov 26, 2019

The Outcomes Report by student is VERY misleading as the calculations displayed are not tied to the outcome calculation method. Or am I missing something??  (New to outcomes, so it may just be me....)#

  • From the Admin area> People> Click on a person> Click "See Outcome Results for XXXX student"


The report is listing the Outcomes properly



1) Counting any assignment rubric as an attempt even when that outcome has not been scored! (Should only count an attempt, when the outcome has been scored) This is making the "Avg Percent" be misrepresentative of what has really been assessed. A no-score should not count! A zero score should. 

2) Calculating a straight Average. This "avg percent" should be calculated based on the calculation specified in the outcome as showing the straight average IMPLIES that this is how a particular outcome is supposed to be assessed, when it is not. This final column SHOULD pull in the calculation as specified in the outcome -- ie Decaying Average, n Number of Times, Most recent.