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Canvas-BBB integration error: Error joining conference

Question asked by daniel asiegbunam on Mar 27, 2020

We have independent installations of Instructure Canvas and BigBlueButton setup in respective servers.

We are unable to create conferences using the Canvas BBB plugin. Canvas displays a "There was an error joining the conference" error (as below) (despite setting up the plugin with the correct URL and salt).
We are already using FQDN instead of the IP. Do you think there is anything else we should try ?
We checked the canvas source and suspect that the following code snippet ( from canvas/app/controllers/conferences_controller.rb ) is where the error is being triggered (specific code highlighted). Any help, any one ?
 def join
    if authorized_action(@conference, @current_user, :join)
      unless @conference.valid_config?
        flash[:error] = t(:type_disabled_error, "This type of conference is no longer enabled for this Canvas site")
        redirect_to named_context_url(@context, :context_conferences_url)
      if @conference.grants_right?(@current_user, session, :initiate) || @conference.grants_right?(@current_user, session, :resume) ||
        @conference.restart if @conference.ended_at && @conference.grants_right?(@current_user, session, :initiate)
        log_asset_access(@conference, "conferences", "conferences", 'participate')
        if url = @conference.craft_url(@current_user, session, named_context_url(@context, :context_url, :include_host => true))
          redirect_to url
          flash[:error] = t(:general_error, "There was an error joining the conference")
          redirect_to named_context_url(@context, :context_url)
        flash[:notice] = t(:inactive_error, "That conference is not currently active")
        redirect_to named_context_url(@context, :context_url)