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Discussion created by Susan Nugent Expert on Apr 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2020 by Gordon Toudt

We have plans to turn on the rich content editor before our summer term begins in May since I don't want this happening mid-semester when it will be turned on for all institutions. There are some serious flaws in the workflows in the new editor. Here are some I have observed. 

Existing Links and Course links

If there is already a link to a course resource and I want to update the link to another course resource, I must complete the following workflow which requires too many clicks.  

  1. Select the link
  2. Go to the link menu and break the link. (I have to do this because I cannot view course links in the links menu nor can I see them if I choose edit option from the menu. The sidebar doesn't display course links.  I could copy the entire link from the address bar but this also requires two many steps in two different browser tabs open at the same time.)
  3. Select the text 
  4. Go to the link menu and select course links. 
  5. Click the arrow to open the section of links
  6. Select the desired link. I miss being able to view all the course links when I am editing links on a page. I don't want to complete this process for every link that I decide to change on a page. This way too tedious and doesn't save time. 

Rich Content Editor Scroll Bar, Editing, and Toolbar

This issue is extremely frustrating and I really hope this fixed soon. Currently, when editing a page and before you click anywhere in the editor, the scroll bar for the editor will display. In longer pages of text, once you click in the editor to edit something, the scroll bar disappears and if the page is long the toolbar as well. Now you are required to use the browser scroll bar to scroll up and down the page to be able to see the toolbar. This makes it extremely difficult to the edit the page. Sometimes, this behavior jumps to to the top of the page and makes you lose your place on the page. I want the scroll bar to stay put and only move when I move it. And yes there is a request for this. 

LTI Plug Icon and Dialog Box

The plug icon is often hidden in the toolbar when the browser window is smaller than normal. This will cause mass confusion and I will be right back having to explain to faculty how to find hidden content in the toolbar.  When the dialog box comes up with the list of options, the LTI tool title doesn't behave link a link and the arrow link is confusing because it behaves like a link but only opens the description. Please make it clearer what launches the tool. 

Studio and Media Options

I would prefer that Studio was more integrated into the media options. I don't want people using the media comment option because it is much harder to caption the video and content doesn't live in the person's Studio account. 

Sidebar Menus

In many of the sidebar menus if you try to select text that goes to past the box view, the sidebar menu will close unexpectedly when you are selecting the text in the box. It seems there needs to be a buffer zone on the right side of the browser port so this doesn't happen. In the course links sidebar, I have the same issue with the hit zone of the linked arrow. It is way too small and the sidebar often closes when I don't want it to. 


I really want to like the new editor but I really can't until some of these issues are fixed.