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Students can't see assignments from the Canvas iOS app?

Question asked by Jessica Morris on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by Jessica Morris

Hi Mobile Folks,


We received two different tickets today from students on the latest version of the Canvas iOS app that can't see the Assignments area, though they can see other areas of their courses in Canvas. I was able to recreate this error in one of my courses where I am enrolled as a student. I can see everything but the Assignments area, though the Assignments area is available in the browser version. I am on iOS 8.3 (app version 3.11.2). One of the students having a problem is on iOS 9.


I am able to see the Assignments area for courses where I am the instructor.


Is this happening to anyone else? I saw a comment on the app reviews stating the same thing, so I feel like something might be up. I have a ticket in, but it helps to know that it is affecting others.