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Reordering the list of courses on Grades Tab

Question asked by Joseph Farrelly on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2015 by James Jones

When I click the Grades tab, I get a list of courses I'm teaching, but I can't figure out what pattern Canvas uses to order them in the list. I would like it if my most recent (active) courses were on the top. But instead, my active courses are often scattered down the list among older completed courses or newer inactive ones for an upcoming semester.  Right now I would like the gradebooks for my fall 15 courses to be on top of the list, but either a closed or future course (inactive ones) show up on top.

Note: This doesn't happen when I click the Courses tab. On that tab, there is an option to customize the list and I set it so that my most recent (active) courses are on top. But I don't see that option on the Grades tab.

Is there any way to reorder the course listings on the Grades tab so my active courses appear on top of the list?