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Creating Assignments that can be shared between teachers?

Question asked by Nathaniel Kogan on Jan 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by Kona Jones

A colleague and I have two research assignments that we share between our sophomore English and history courses, respectively. The project has a number of separate steps and individual grades that count in both of our classes.


At present, our solution involes sharing a Google Spreadsheet where after one of us has entered the grades in our CMS, we then have to manually enter those grades into the spreadsheet so that the other person can enter them into their gradebook in our CMS.


I've read a bit about Canvas' "Moderated Grading" feature, but am unsure if this achieve what we're trying to achieve. Ideally, here's what we'd like:

  • Have the ability to create a single assignment that appears in both our gradebooks.
  • Ensure that when one of us enters a grade for these shared assignments, that it, and all the attached feedback, populate both of our gradebooks.
  • Avoid any redundant manual entry of grades (like what we're presently doing with Google Spreadsheets).


Is what I'm hoping to achieve possible? How would I set up these kinds of assignments and share them with my colleague?


Thanks in advance!