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Completing the quest by unlocking content

Question asked by Sharmaine Regisford on Mar 31, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2018 by John Boekenoogen

Hi there! (My first discussion, Yay! no more lurking )

I'm interested in setting up easter egg/bonus content that can be unlocked by completing optional activities in a course. It's more like quests in that students are working toward discovering a "key" (key is the name of the things they are collecting in the course). I'd like some feedback on my idea for how I can accomplish some of this unlocking bonus content.



The course is a Science Fiction and Fantasy course, so what better place to incorporate some quest-like elements especially since the main text (The Diamond Age) involves the main character in search of 12 keys. The course is setup as at-your-own-pace (within 3 months) and choose-your-own-adventure in deciding which 3 out of 9 other lessons (first lesson is mandatory for everyone) to complete. The mandatory assignments are (choice of) essays at the end of each lesson students complete for a total of 4 essays and a final project (boss battle/ultimate quest!!) at the end.


Possible solution

Some of the keys available to students will become available after they complete let's say 4 optional book reviews. These book reviews are discussion posts in 4 separate forums. So, I was thinking I could group those forums into a module called Book Reviews (easy name!) and then set up another module called Bonus Content (too obvious a name?) with a prerequisite that Book Reviews is complete. Does that make sense?


And to encourage these book reviews, I am thinking I should have them listed in the module that features the book. In essence, I want to list the same activity in 2 different modules. Near as I can tell, as long as both modules are published students will be able to see these activities. Is there a better way to set up the "unlock content" feature?


Other implementation ideas

Some of the keys available will also come from completing surveys/quizzes that are not located in any modules, but with the links hidden under Togglers, Modals, or only visible on phone-size screen. I know that even if I hide quizzes, assignments, discussions from the main navigation, students will still be able to see these activties in their gradebook view, but I think I want that so they are motivated to find these keys. Do these ideas sound reasonable?


Please note

  • Since there is student choice in which lessons to complete, I plan to have multiple opportunities to get some of the same keys.
  • The course is setup as points based so the XP is the grade at the end; collecting the keys will equal some small amount of XP. I believe this key-quest is a fair way to give extra credit for extra work in the course.


Of course, I'm just the instructional designer. The actual instructor may decide it's too much fuss for the course, but if there's any course that is begging for game elements is this one. Hey, the other designers and I got giddy thinking about levels and XP points in the course.


Thanks in advance for any feedback y'all can provide. I'm sorry I don't how how to list links to other articles (yet) otherwise I would have added links to the Using jQuery without Custom Javascript thread that is a goldmine of wonderful Canvas tidbits.


Cheers - Shar!