FastTrack: Canvas Admin - Ep. 12 Offline Content Module Export

Video created by Leslie Stark Employee on Apr 18, 2017

    The "FastTrack: Canvas Admin Video Series" is a quick video guide for Canvas Administrators to learn about a few of our admin level tools and how they can be shared with Instructors and Students. This series is designed to continue to help with driving adoption and engagement of all the features of Canvas.  We will present a new 2 1/2 - 3 minute video to the Community. Everyone is encouraged to reply and share their personal insight, experiences, and advice.


    Episode 12 is a 2 minute video about Offline Content via Module Export.  This tool can be enabled by your Customer Success Manager, it will appear in all courses in your Canvas instance but can be disabled for courses in the settings area of the Courses that would not like it enabled.  It is a great tool to enable if you have students at your institution who may have unreliable internet access after class, but would like access to content for studying purposes.