Quick Intro to Adaptive Learning

Video created by Amelia Hayson Employee on Jul 13, 2018

    What is Adaptive Learning?

    Each learner is unique. They learn at varying rates and have different levels of knowledge. With Mastery Paths, when a learner hits a roadblock, you can direct them to resources that help remediate their misconception. Or when learners successfully grasp a concept, you can offer more content to stretch their knowledge


    How Adaptivity Motivates Learners

    For adaptive learning to be effective, it is important that we consider a number of key emotional aspects that ultimately motivate our learners:

    • Self-Efficacy - help the learner to feel independent, give them the opportunity to self-regulate their learning,
    • Self-Awareness - learners should be aware of their own mastery and feel empowered with the knowledge that they can improve if they continue to work on the areas they are weakest, and
    • Achievable - remember, whilst we want to challenge our learners it is also important to remember that these tasks need to be achievable so as not to de-motivate users.


    We need to motivate the learner to think about their actions or their understand of the topic otherwise, they won’t be inspired to think about how and why they are learning that particular topic, meaning they are more likely to focus on completion rather than their understanding.


    Understanding leads to completion…


    Canvas + Adaptivity = MasteryPaths

    The Canvas MasteryPaths feature gives you the opportunity to customise your students learning experiences. You can identify activities for each learners learning path and guide learners to their next learning activity. You can create and inform your creation of a student learning journey based on the three P’s:

    • Performance - Design a customised learning experienced based on the learners results,
    • Preference - Where appropriate, give students choice over which activities/ formative assessments they want to interact with (consider varied learning styles as part of this),
    • Progression - Track student progression through MasteryPaths Breakdown (identify who is struggling and your high achievers at a glance).

    Remember, it is important to provide a learning experience that adapts to learner needs, how much they already know, and what they hope to learn.