User And Course Management Strategies - Maximise Your Resources 

Video created by Adam Ware Employee on Oct 23, 2018
    As CSMs, we get asked a lot of questions about the topic of User and Course management. Whilst the plans can be unique to your establishment, there are some synergies around the processes undertaken to complete these tasks.

    In October's Session, we will be focusing on "User and Course Management Strategies".  The concept will be to provide strategies and resources to help you maximise your resources as efficiently as possible.

    We will be covering off:
    • Best Practices for Course Management Year on Year
    • Concluding enrollments at various levels
    • How sis data imports can be used to maximise efficiency 
    • Leveraging blueprint courses to get your courses under control


    This session will be run by our Principal Implementation Consultant for APAC, Daniel Gilogley and chaired by CSM's Ryo Sakai and Adam Ware.
    Additional Documentation for this webinar includes


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