Using Canvas as a Distance Learning Platform

Video created by Administrator on Nov 20, 2018


    James Wells

    Head of Digital Curriculum Middlesbrough College


    In early 2018, Middlesbrough College was awarded £300,000 to deliver a level 3 Access course completely online. The objective of this funding was to develop innovative methods of delivering learning that were accessible for adults in work or returning to work. Content for this course was created using a variety of third party tools such as Articulate Storyline and 360, along with HD video footage produced in-house. This content was then integrated into Canvas and all assessment, feedback and communication was facilitated by the native tools within Canvas. This presentation will showcase some of Canvas’s key features which led to the success of this project, Particularly:

    • Multi-format online submissions and feedback

    • Seamless integration of multimedia

    • Intuitive progress tracking

    • Granular release of content

    • Module Paths/Differentiation