Enhance your learning through video with Canvas Studio.

Video created by Ryo Sakai Employee on Oct 16, 2019

    The use of video is transforming teaching and learning by encouraging learners to digest content at their own pace and explore content more deeply during class time. Canvas Studio is a modern video platform that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video media. Studio makes it easy for staff to create engaging video and for students to participate in dynamic conversations and assessments as they view the video independently. As well as providing a platform for students (who might otherwise be passive and non-participatory in class) to interact and participate. In this webinar, Yew Eng Ng (Instructure Solutions Engineer and current Australian Ultimate Frisbee Head Coach) will look at how Canvas Studio can:


    • Enhance the use of video in teaching and learning through collaboration and interactivity
    • Design and deliver assessments that are embedded directly in the video instruction
    • Measure impact with actionable insights and useful analytics
    • Seamlessly integrate with your Canvas learning experience


    If you are interested in purchasing Studio please reach out to your CSM team and we will provide you with more information!