Contingency planning for online classrooms with Canvas

Video created by Adam Ware Employee on Mar 12, 2020


    As part of the ever-changing landscape associated with the global COVID19 pandemic, Paul Millar and Adam Ware sat down with Yarra Valley Grammar's Philip Callil to talk about considerations for preparing your institution for imminent closure.


    In this 40 minute webinar, we discuss:

    • Tips for getting up and running quickly
    • Discuss a variety of Canvas and 3rd party tools to create learning experiences for students over various year groups
    • Setting student expectations
    • Engaging with students in a purely online environment
    • How to communicate with students, staff and parents digitally
    • The benefits of using a consistent approach across Canvas courses throughout your institution 


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    To be kept up to date, we encourage you to follow the COVID-19 - Resources to help with running courses online on the Canvas Community. We are committed to updating this page as information comes to hand.