Day 5: Mobile Guides

Blog Post created by Ryan.Seilhamer@ucf.edu Champion on Dec 29, 2017

On the fifth day of Canvasmas, the Canvas Community gave to me: five Mobile Guides...


Do you ever find yourself wondering if a mobile app feature exists or stuck trying to figure out how to get it work? Well, have no fear, the five Canvas Mobile Guides are here to help you!


Guides: Mobile 


The Canvas Mobile Guides include iOS and Android app guides for each of the following apps:


  1. Canvas Student 
  2. Canvas Teacher 
  3. Canvas Parent 
  4. MagicMarker (iOS Only)
  5. Polls for Canvas 


See something in the guides that require more information or is confusing? Well, this is a community, and we all learn from each other. Feel free to comment on the guides so we can make them better for everyone!


But wait, I’m in a giving mood, and there is more!


Canvas Mobile Feature Matrix



Want to learn more about the available feature on the Canvas Student or Teacher apps? One of my favorite Canvas Mobile documents is the feature matrix that displays the available features when compared to the web and different mobile platforms.


Mobile Release Notes

Mobile App Release Notes for iOS and Android


A sibling of the Canvas Guides is the Release Notes. Most of you might already be familiar with the Canvas web release notes every three weeks, but the mobile apps get their release notes as well. These aren’t as frequent or scheduled as every three weeks, but give a detailed explanation of new feature and changed features with the Canvas Mobile apps.


Canvas Mobile Users Group (CMUG)

Canvas Mobile Users Group


The last gift is always the best! So last, but not least, I’d like to mention the Canvas Mobile Users Group, also known as CMUG. This group is entering its 5th year and is the best place in the Canvas Community to discuss anything mobile related to Canvas. I oversee this group of more than 500 community members with my Canvas pal, Kristin Lundstrum. Feel free to create a discussion, share a blog post, or post a question. All of the information in this blog (Guides and Release Notes) is also available in CMUG. In addition to this, you will see frequent visits by the Canvas mobile team and Product Manager, with regular opportunities to beta test and contribute to features regarding new mobile products. This group is open to anyone in the community, and we hope to see you explore, engage, and enjoy this tremendous resource.