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Blog Post created by Susan Jones on Sep 8, 2016

I tried to help a student who can't come into this tutoring lab to learn math ... but hey, I know there's a college prep course at Canvas!  In fact, I enrolled in it.


Well, actually, it was pretty hard to find it.   We had to navigate around all the stuff for people to *make* courses (and I wasn't even at my computer, which might have filtered results based on where I've been going in the past)... and finding a login page ... but -- we've done it!   She's got my card if she has further questions.  


So it is actually almost quiet here (Thursdays are sometimes like that) and... I did a search for making quizzes in Canvas.   Got to the Guides and Yes!   "Chapters" laid out ... starting with Introduction...


... oh, that's right... the chapters are, after INtroduction, just alphabetical. 


For the record, this individual doesn't care for the "all the pages answer a question" format.   In my humble opinion, it narrows my thinking to "what stuff that I already do in a classroom setting can I make Canvas do?"   instead of "how can I design instructional activities creatively that are improved by the possibilities of Canvas?"  


So, off to explore "How do I make" the assorted kinds of questions for quizzes in Canvas...