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Blog Post created by Kelley L. Meeusen Champion on Mar 1, 2016

Laura Wojciechowicz


I saw that you mentioned developing some PD for your more adventurous faculty, and I just wanted to let you know that the content in the CanvasHacks course came from my local "Do Not Fear the Code" workshop that I have now run for just that purpose at my own school twice, and at another school once with another shot coming in April. I'll be happy to share more details with you if you are interested, but essentially:

  • It is a two hour, hands-on  f2f session,
  • The Canvas Classroom is provided as an extra "always available" resource,
  • I include a style guide (the code snippets we are going to learn during the in-class time) in the Canvas classroom,
  • Make sure everybody has a sandbox to play in,
  • Give about 10 minutes of intro/overview/and examples of what can be accomplished,
  • Then we work through the style guide of simple starter snippets


I always spend the last 15 minutes converting an existing Canvas page to a gussied-up one using the snippets we have learned. I do this to demonstrate that they do not have to start over with their classrooms, and can easily enhance existing content:

  • At the end of the style guide I include the HTML code for a pre-selected page of content from on of my own courses,
  • I have them paste that into the HTE of a blank page in their sandboxes,
  • Show them what that page looks like without enhancements,
  • Then we start adding enhancements using that existing content.
  • I close with some general workflow advice.


I have attached my agenda.


I hope this helps, and you know where to find me if your need finer details.


Agent K