Indicate Cross-Listed Courses in Admin Reports

Idea created by Eric Werth Champion on Dec 1, 2017
    Open for Voting

    I would like to suggest that when admin reports, like unpublished and unused courses, are run that there is some indication of 1) whether the course is cross-listed, and 2) which course it is cross-listed with.


    This idea has been proposed in the past but archived for lack of support (so likely not accessible without being a member of Cold Storage).

    Report for cross-listed courses

    Cross-Listed Names/Admin Panel Display


    The problem we are running in to is that we would like to run these reports to determine which courses are not utilizing Canvas.  If a faculty member teaches multiple sections of a course or lab and has cross-listed these, the sections that were cross-listed show in these reports as unused and unpublished, meaning I need to go back to Canvas and check each one to determine if the reason is due to cross-listing.  There may be other reasons to make this change. If so I would love to hear them!