Allow faculty to have a 'Mobile View' like 'Student View'

Idea created by Valerie on Apr 3, 2018
    Open for Voting

    Hello everyone!


    I have been working with faculty to create mobile friendly content pages.  While most often pages will look okay on mobile devices, I often have to explain why some content such as tables are not properly formatted, etc is problematic when viewing on small screens.  Yes, yes.  They can log into a mobile devices separately, but It's simply not a quick easy thing for them to log in to a separate mobile device to check their work.  People might be more inclined to design mobile friendly pages if it were a toggle they could quickly click back and forth.  I know there are many browser plug-ins that people might use to check webpages proper, but it isn't the same, as easy or as accurate. 


    I think it would be marvelous if there was a 'Mobile View' option just below or within 'Student View' . . . what do you all think?