Grades in the Teacher App

Idea created by Ariana Nussdorf on Jul 23, 2019
    Open for Voting

    It would be incredibly helpful to see a gradebook in the teacher app so that teachers can easily enter grades for multiple students on the same screen. As it stands now, you can only enter grades for one assignment and one student at a time using the SpeedGrader, but if you have an assignment or exam that's given to students live in class and you just want to record all of your student's grades at once, it's very inefficient to use this feature. The workaround is to go directly to the Canvas website and access your gradebook there, but it would be much better if this was just another feature in the app. While phone screen sizes are smaller than computer screens and not all students may appear in the screen at once, we should just be able to scroll down to see the next batch of students like we do when we're accessing the gradebook on the Canvas website anyway.