Late Policy Missing Assignment Default Value

Idea created by Matthew Penner on Nov 7, 2019
    Open for Voting

    In Canvas, we have noticed a strange default value in the missing assignments section of the late policy in gradebook. By default if a professor uses this feature it will set the value for all missing values to 100% (full marks) but when looking at its function it should default to 0% (no submission = no marks). The reasons why Canvas should change the default value from 100% to 0% are:


    • Due to the nature of this tool, it is often used to assign 0% to all missing assignments. As such having the default be 100% instead of 0% means that each time the professor sets up this feature for a course they will need to change this value.
    • With the default value set to 100% some professors misunderstand what this actually does as why would the default mark for a missing assignment be set to 100%.


    For these reasons the default value of missing assignments in the late policy should be changed from 100% to 0%.