New RCE and Images

Idea created by Dedra Wright on Mar 19, 2020
    On Beta
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    Using the current RCE, a designer is able to upload an image and resize it using the transform controls.  We are currently being introduced to the new RCE.  Within this interface, when we upload an image, the image populates very small.  One is required to click on the image to have "Options" appear.  Once you click into options, you would have to choose "Custom" and insert your desired dimensions.  This additional step slows the design process down immensely, especially if you need to see how the image looks within the design (not as an independent png).  You have to spend your time "playing numbers" if you don't know the explicit dimensions you need.  PLEASE consider allowing sizing with transform controls to be integrated into the new RCE.  For designers that work with a lot of images, the process becomes bulky and inefficient.