New UI: Make collapsible course menu easier to discover

Idea created by Christine M. Doherty on Oct 29, 2015
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    Our university is in the process of transitioning to Canvas, so we have many users seeing Canvas for the first time since we changed over to the new UI. We have had many tickets from instructors and students not being able to do anything in their course because they are on a small screen and don't see the course menu. The hamburger menu icon is not being discovered. I think that is because while the menu icon is an expected convention on a mobile device, it is not so in a browser window. I have seen the course menu being collapsed by default on a full browser window on a 13" mac. It also doesn't make sense to keep the global menu open, but hide the course menu, when first entering a course. If this feature is to save course real estate, it would make more sense to collapse the global menu. Just this week we had a consultation with a professor that is tech savvy, but he was completely unable to start working on his course because he could not find the course menu. He clicked everything else on the screen, including the set up check list. There was nothing giving him a clue that there was a hidden tool menu.


    We feel it would make a lot more sense to have a visual indication mid-screen to the right of the global nav to suggest there is a collapsible menu there. Other ideas are to collapse the global menu instead, display the course menu when first entering a course and make it clear how to collapse it, and/or make the collapsible menu an option that institutions can disable.



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    Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-01-09)

    Course Navigation Menu

    The Course Navigation Menu no longer collapses unless it is minimized manually by a Canvas user.