Allow HTML in Assignment Comments

Idea created by Robert Crane on Jan 8, 2016
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    In providing feedback to students in the Assignment Comments area of an assignment, I often provide URLs to students.  Currently, the comments area is text only so students cannot click on the URL to go to the website.  Instead, they need to manually copy and paste the URL to make it work.  It would be nice to have some HTML functionality here.




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    March 2016 update from Jason Sparks


    We will consider this for a future update. The team is currently focusing on the Canvas Studio: Modern Quizzing Engine. We will look for enhance this functionality for assignments in the future.

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    *We are archiving this idea because these enhancements would not occur within the next 6-18 months.  Please follow and bookmark this thread to receive updates as they are available.  Also, please continue to the conversation on this thread!